House Manual: Temperature Control

Given the large temperature variation in the Drakensberg, we try to ensure your maximum comfort both when it's cold and warm. We have air conditioners in the living area and bedrooms for the warm weather. In the winder, there is a fireplace in the living area and the air conditioners in the rooms can be used as heaters. The beds are also supplied with electric blankets during the winter months. There are also ceiling heaters in the bathrooms.

Central Fireplace

This is ideal to keep the living area warm. Take care as the sides get very warm. 

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners in the bedrooms can be used for both cooling and heating.

Bathroom Heaters

These are the bathroom ceiling heaters that can be found in all the bathrooms.

Firewood & Fire Lighters

Firewood can be found in the garage. Firelighters can be found under the kitchen sink.


These are the settings to be adopted for heating. Note that the mode, should be set to 'Heat'

Bathroom Heating Control

The controls for the bathroom heaters can be found near the doors (outside the bathroom). They serve as heaters, lights and exhaust fans. May we ask that you please turn these off when you are not using them.